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Forensic Services

As part of managing your overall business risk, one needs to manage one’s risk for fraud and related risks. Questions which must be considered are: How vulnerable is one’s business or organisation to fraud and how effectively the risk is currently being managed?

Ideally, 80% of the resources available for this should be channelled into proactive fraud management – including information and training – and the remaining 20% on reacting, if one is unlucky enough to become a victim of fraud.

But, as with so many other things, we often just aren’t proactive enough, and many businesses or organisations find themselves spending very little on the proactive side and far too much on the reactive side.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – let the Forensic Services Division of Moore South Africa assist in managing risk proactively. Should one’s business be unlucky enough to be targeted, however, feel secure in knowing that we can assist you in managing and reacting to the consequences of this.

Our staff has a proven track record in both proactive and reactive forensic consulting to clients from both the private and the public sectors on matters relating to fraud, corruption, negligence, maladministration, poor governance and controls.

International best forensic practice suggests that a multi-disciplinary approach is the most effective response to fraud or potential fraud. Combining accounting, audit, financial, IT, investigative, labour relations and legal expertise and experience, we therefore aim to provide a cost-effective solution that responds to the particular needs of our clients.

Our highly skilled and experienced team can assist you with cyber forensic investigations, data recovery and electronic discovery, both reactively and proactively.

Proactive Forensic Services

Cyber forensics, data mining and analysis

We live in an increasingly technological world and it is virtually impossible to commit fraud today without the evidence being stored on electronic devices of one kind or another. For example, computer workstations or servers, CDs and DVDs, notebooks, hard drives, cell phones/PDA’s, SIM cards, USB flash drives, printers, cameras, etc.

This only serves to emphasise the need to be proactive in the area of data management.

Over and above this, we make use of state-of-the-art software to analyse large volumes of data and identify trends which can assist in managing overall fraud risk or for investigative purposes, for example, vendor database analysis, a critical aspect of managing supply chain management function.

Fraud awareness training and consulting, including developing fraud prevention programmes and plans.

What is your organisation’s tolerance for fraud?

Without your employees being informed and educated about fraud and its consequences for the business or organisation on an ongoing basis, businesses will be susceptible to fraud. And, if there’s no clear understanding of the need for zero tolerance of any kind of unethical conduct in the organisation and the “tone from the top” does not reinforce this message, one’s business will be more susceptible.
We can help develop and implement a custom-made solution which will integrate managing risk for fraud as part of the management of enterprise-wide business risk. Our services include designing and conducting organisational anti-corruption surveys, developing fraud policies, fraud plans and codes of conduct and reviewing existing systems, policies, procedures and controls so that we can make appropriate recommendations to consider.

Business intelligence

Given the increasing importance of knowing who one is employing or doing business with, we can offer various business intelligence and screening processes, subject to relevant data privacy protection requirements.

Confidential reporting mechanisms

According to research done by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, when compared with both internal and external audits, tip-offs received via hotlines or other confidential reporting mechanisms, including e-mails, are more effective in highlighting fraud or potential fraud at a far earlier stage.

In addition, a hotline managed by a third party, with provision for the identity of those reporting matters to remain confidential, can also give those involved a measure of comfort against victimisation.
Even though this may not be its primary purpose, a hotline often highlights other concerns that people may have about the organisation and can therefore also serve as a useful wider organisational barometer.
Our experienced staff can set-up, administer and monitor a hotline for you and, if need be, assist in dealing with any reports received.

Reactive Forensics Services

Reactively – in the case of investigations, in order for computer-related evidence to be accepted in the relevant forum or court – be it disciplinary, criminal or civil – we can ensure that:
  • Evidence has been accurately collected and preserved
  • That there is a clear chain of custody from the crime scene to the investigator and, ultimately, to the forum or court
  • Apart from this, making common sense in terms of general management principles, one should also then be in a position to ensure that any fraudster gets his or her just desserts
What do we mean when we talk about reactive forensic services?

This covers forensic investigations for clients for the purposes of disciplinary, criminal and/or civil legal proceedings and for making appropriate recommendations to clients as to remedial action.

This can include preparing dossiers for disciplinary tribunals and, if required, initiating disciplinary proceedings for clients or giving evidence in the hearing.

Since we encourage all our clients to adopt a zero tolerance approach to fraud and to report alleged fraud to the SAPS and other law enforcement agencies, even if not obliged to do so, we can prepare a criminal docket for you for the purposes of laying charges in a matter and liaising with law enforcement.
Having a sound understanding of the key legal issues involved, we can partner with attorneys to provide litigation support in those areas identified as being critical for civil litigation or arbitration proceedings.
As members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, both internationally and locally, and of South Africa’s Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners, we subscribe to their codes of conduct and ethical standards in all our investigations.

The management of risk and implementation of robust corporate governance has become an increasingly important aspect of global business. While many companies are required by law, regulations or stakeholders to apply these processes and procedures, even more elect to do so as part of a successful business strategy.

Our aim is to leverage our expertise and sector knowledge to help organisations meet their governance, risk and assurance objectives. We provide internal audit, risk advisory, corporate governance and regulatory advice and compliance.